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Monday-Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 8am-9pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

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Questers’ Way Spotlight: Learning is Fun!

Summer classes & programs happening now!

Questers’ Way allows families to package multiple activities together under one roof, and change their focus every ten weeks. Families can explore movement-based, project-based, and game-based programs in a way that fits their interests. Check out all the fun in our winter schedule!

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So… what is this place?

Questers’ Way is something unique. Resist the urge to fit it into a box or liken it to somewhere you’ve been before. A fusion of fun, family, food, and education, Questers’ Way is a brand new style of family destination. With an indoor playground, healthy foods cafe, and five classrooms full of fantastic learning and growth opportunities for all ages, our goal is to help you lead an optimal life and have your Best Day Ever!

Our neighborhoods can start to give you an idea of the possibilities our center holds for you:
Move U – Movement-based learning & Fitness classes
Think Tank – Project-based learning (art, science, etc)
Game On! – Chess, RPG, Trading Card Gaming, etc
• Pebble Park – Indoor play for 0-12 year olds
Crossroads Cafe – Healthy, made-from-scratch meals
Simple Celebrations – No mess, no stress parties
Adventure Birthday Parties – Best Birthday Ever!


Bring out your Inner Awesome!

Questers’ Way may be new but we have been in the community for over two decades with our martial arts school. Dedicated to personal growth and development, thousands of children (and adults!) have grown up in our dojo over the years. Come find out what we are all about!

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 Plan your Birthday Party or Special Event

No Mess, No Stress Parties for Every Occasion!
Adventure Birthday Parties!
Paint Parties, Nerf Parties, Family Parties, Showers, Office Parties, Meetings & Workshops.
Let us help you plan your Best Party Ever!




The best way to learn is while in motion. Through movement, learning is transformed from a “have to” to a “get to”. Move U in Questers’ Way offers a fun, safe place for families to develop skills and abilities which can then be applied to home, school, and work. A variety of movement based programs such as martial arts, dance, fitness classes, Tai Chi, and tumbling are offered. Each program will serve as a vehicle for promoting a balanced lifestyle and result in personal growth for both children and adults.


Just like your brain, the Think Tank has two sides. Inner Muse Studio is full of right-brain activities like arts and crafts, painting, and drawing. Out of the Box Lab offers a variety of science-based and problem solving activities. The Studio and the Lab combine to create a whole brain experience for members. The result: curious, creative kids who love to learn.


Social gaming challenges and helps develop the key 21st century learning skills that move us towards being a successful adult in today’s fast-paced world. Evolve your creativity, challenge your critical thinking skills, develop communication, and enhance your ability to collaborate and startegize with others through healthy competition. Challenge yourself; challenge your friends; it’s Game On!