About Us

Your adventure begins…


Where does the name Questers’ Way come from?

It comes from you. You, like all of us, are on a quest. Your quest may be to eat a little healthier, or improve your level of fitness. Your kids might be on a quest to do better in school, discover new things, or just to have fun and make a new friend.

We all quest a little differently, but we’re all on a journey of personal growth and discovery.

The purpose of Questers’ Way is to provide you with opportunities to grow and evolve, whether you’re 3 years old or 73. At it’s core, Questers’ Way is a place of learning. It’s a place of possibility. It’s the place where you go to find the best in yourself, and the best in those around you.

So come “Quest” with us, and begin your next adventure.

Exploring the Neighborhoods of Questers’ Way


Questers’ Way is designed to create a holistic experience for our guests. To accomplish this, we refer the various areas of the center as “Neighborhoods”. Guests are welcome to explore the various areas of the center individually or in combination.

Here’s an overview of each neighborhood. So much awesomeness under one roof!

Pebble Park: learn through play
Children learn best when learning is fun. They also need time to just be kids and burn some energy. Pebble Park allows for both.The caring and enthusiastic staff are right there to read a story or help with a project. Park players can also choose to enjoy some alone time and climb through the giant playscape or grab a friend for a game of air hockey. Parents can relax on a park bench, interact with their kids, or take a break in the café while keeping an eye on their kids through the large viewing windows.

Mind & Motion: Learn through movement & projects
Exploration, diversity, and fun. Questers’ Way offers movement-based and brain-based programs and activities for all ages. You get to choose your own path of exploration. Discover more….

Just like at a university, you can choose your course of study. Classes fall under two main categories: Move U and the Think Tank

Move U: Learn through movement
The best way to learn is while in motion. Through movement, learning is transformed from a “have to” to a “get to”. Move U in Questers’ Way offers a fun, safe place for families to develop skills and abilities which can then be applied to home, school, and work. A variety of movement based programs such as martial arts, dance, fitness classes, Tai Chi, and tumbling are offered. Each program will serve as a vehicle for promoting a balanced lifestyle and result in personal growth for both children and adults. Discover more…

Out of the Box: Learn to develop your solution mind and inner genius
Just like your brain, the Think Tank has two sides. Inner Muse Studio is full of right-brain activities like arts and crafts, painting, and drawing. Out of the Box Lab offers a variety of science-based and problem solving activities.

The Inner Muse Studio offers workshops, projects, and classes designed to engage the right side of the brain.  Our Team will host fun and engaging workshops involving art, music, and creative writing. Members will be able to check the Quest Calendar to find out what workshops are available that week.  Youth leaders and educators can also book a group workshop for their class. Paint, draw, sing, create…bring out your inner muse.

While the artists are in the Studio, the engineers and scientists are experimenting in the Out of the Box Lab. Participants can build structures, solve puzzles, and test the boundaries of physics. They can build paper airplanes and the see how far they will fly, learn how light bends and refracts into unique patterns, and learn how to make ice-cream (of course they also get to eat it). Participants will be encouraged to make mistakes, test their theories, and learn from the results. The Studio and the Lab combine to create a whole brain experience for members. The result: curious, creative kids who love to learn.

Crossroads Cafe: Learn to eat healthy and clean
A shared family meal at Questers’ Way is easy, fun, and delicious. Families can choose to stop by for lunch or dinner, then the kids can head to the park while the adults enjoy conversation over a cup of coffee. Families who are enrolled in a Move U learning program can even have their food ready to go after their class ends. As part of the Questers’ Way commitment to education, members can also take a creative cooking class or ask the chef about some simple ways to stimulate their mind while they enjoy their meal. Crossroads Café is all about family, food, and fun! Discover more…

Simple Celebrations and Adventure Birthday Parties
Hosting events and parties can be a challenge. All that set up, clean up, and activity can be exhausting. Questers’ Way celebrations offer each group a dedicated party room decorated to fit the theme of their event, tons of options for food ranging from light snacks to a full meal, and access to Pebble Park for the kids. Book the party, show up, eat, talk, enjoy, and head home relaxed and full. Questers’ Way makes it easy for friends and family to get together and simply celebrate. Discover more…

Best Birthday Ever
“Best birthday party ever!” That’s what your child – and their friends – will be saying after attending one of our signature birthday parties. Make unique with our customized themes and activities and get ready to celebrate in style. Discover more…