Frequently Asked Questions

What in the world is Questers’ Way????

There are so many ways to experience and interact with our center. It can be a little overwhelming!
Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions:
  • Some helpful tid-bits of information

    • Socks are required for everyone in Pebble Park (adults included!)
    • Please avoid bringing outside food into our center
    • Our Crossroads Cafe food is made fresh to order from whole food ingredients. Expect a wait time of 10-20 minutes for hot foods.

  • Do I need a membership?

    No! Questers’ Way is open to the public. You are welcome to drop by to eat or enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe. You can pay for a single visit to the park for your child, or register for a drop-in class in Move U or the Think Tank.

    However, we do offer memberships. They represent the best value for individuals and families who feel they will visit Questers’ Way twice per week or more. You choose what’s right for you. No pressure, no one will try to sell you anything…you decide how Questers’ Way will best serve your needs. After all, we are each unique. The way you “Quest” should be unique as well!

  • What happens in Pebble Park and how much does it cost?

    Pebble Park is our spacious indoor play area. There are many elements within the park designed for climbing, jumping, and sliding. In addition, there are tons of games to play with and a large selection of children’s books.

    The park is also staffed with an enthusiastic team of educators. Park guests will have the option to participate in a game-based learning curriculum designed to help them grow and achieve higher levels of success at home and in school.

    A park visit costs $6.00 ($6.60 after tax). The length of the visit will vary based on how busy the park is, although each guest will have a minimum of two hours to play and explore if they choose. If the park is not overly busy, guests will be welcome to stay longer.

  • Do I have to stay with my child in the park?

    A parent or legal guardian MUST be in the facility when their child is in the park. However, you do not need to stay in the park with them. You can sit in the cafe, or take a class while your child plays. For example, you could be in Move U taking yoga while your child plays in Pebble Park.

    Important! Children ages 3 and under must have an adult in the park with them at all times. Children ages 4 and 5 may be evaluated to determine whether they can be left in the park without direct supervision.

  • What is “Mind and Motion”?

    Questers’ Way offers programs that are good for the body, and programs that are good for the brain. “Move U” programs are all movement-based – examples would be dance, martial arts, yoga, and cheerleading. “Think Tank” programs are project-based and stimulate either the left or right side of the brain. (Some classes do both!) Examples include: science experiments, creative writing, drawing and building.

    Guests are welcome to explore our diverse offerings in any way they choose. Because we encourage both brain and body based programs, we refer to these programs collectively as “Mind & Motion”. Classes cost either $5.00 or $10.00 based on the content. Some classes are offered on a drop-in basis, others are packaged as a five or ten week semester. Questers’ Way memberships are available, though not required.

  • Is Questers’ Way just for kids?

    Absolutely not! We have a ton of programs for teens and adults. In fact, many adults are loving the fact that they can take a class while their kids are playing in Pebble Park. Families can even stay for a healthy dinner before heading home.

    Adults can explore Tai Chi, Fitness Kickboxing, Yoga, various dance disciplines, and more. There are also Think Tank programs for adults including Dungeons & Dragons, Paint Nights, adult coloring, and various arts and craft projects.

  • What kind of food do you serve in the cafe?

    The healthy kind! Don’t worry, it tastes good too 🙂 We do our best to use all natural ingredients and nothing is fried in any type of hydrogenated oil. In fact, we use a special oven that cooks using nothing but hot air and moisture. We have a variety of tasty meals for both children and adults, both grab-and-go and full, hot meals.

    One of the uniques elements of Crossroads Cafe at Questers’ Way is the four different ways you can enjoy our food. A balanced meal includes healthy protein from lean meat, nuts, and lentils, along with healthy carbohydrates from sources like whole grain rice and sweet potatoes, along with good fats from sources like coconut and olive oil.

    You can combine these food sources in four ways:
    “Wrap It” – Enjoy your choice of meat, veggies, and source in a whole grain wrap (gluten free available).
    “Bed It” – Create a delicious, fresh salad.
    “Bowl It” – Use rice or noodles as a base for a warm bowl mixed with steamed veggies a choice of meat.
    “Plate It” – Served as a traditional meal with the foods separated on a plate.

  • What if we have food sensitivities?

    We have several vegan, gluten free, and dairy free options on our menu. However we do serve nuts on the premises, as we feel that the nutritional value of nuts is in keeping with our mission to provide families with healthy meals made from real ingredients.

    We have many nut-free options on the menu, however, if you have a family member with a severe nut allergy, it may be best to avoid the cafe.

  • Is Questers’ Way a chain or franchise?

    No it isn’t. It is the first of its kind and is owned and operated completely by members of our community. Our mission is to provide our community with a resource that will have a positive impact on both individuals and families.

    Questers’ Way is a multi-faceted center designed to reflect that fact that we lead multi-faceted lives. Our goal is to provide our guests with a place that will allow them to reach their personal development and wellness goals. We are all on a Quest to be our best self. The way we do that is unique to each of us, so our center by nature may seem a little complex at first. While it may take a little time to truly understand everything the center has to offer, it’ll be worth it.
    So… have fun exploring, and welcome to Questers’ Way!