Big Fun for Little Ones!

Questers’ Way Fun for Kids Ages 0-5

Join us for fun, educational programs designed for growing bodies and active minds!

Move Think Connect!

For the little ones, everything is an adventure! Our educators will lead the students on a developmental journey. They will challenge their young bodies through fun movement and project-based learning activities. They’ll test their memory and focus, as well as their listening skills. Let the adventure begin!

  • Weekly Mind & Motion Schedule for Adventurers

    Registration available at the bottom of this page.
    Classes are only $5 or $10 and you can drop in any time!


  • Mondays & Fridays: Big Fun for Little Ones!

    With the big kids away, the little ones play!!

    Pebble Park is open to ages 0-12 BUT when the big kids are in school, our under 5 year olds rule the roost!!

    Mondays & Fridays we will be adding bonus toys and elements to the park that are safe and fun for our 0-5 year old guests to enjoy 🙂

    Join us for some big fun designed just for little ones!

    Regular park rates apply. Click here to see our park pricing & packages

  • Lunch & Play Tuesdays - Lunch, Play, & Learn!

    Lunch & Play Tuesdays

    Just $10 = Pebble Park admission + a kid’s meal from the Cafe.

    Stop by Questers’ Way between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm every Tuesday for a delicious and nutritious lunch and play in Pebble Park.



    Lunch, Play, & Learn!

    Get the full Questers’ Way experience for your Little One!

    Pebble Park Play + Healthy Kid’s Meal + a Mind & Motion Class of your choice
    All for only $14!

    Play with Your Food; 10:30-11:00am
    In this class, your little one has permission to play with their food. Each week, we will create a new snack (right at the time when kiddos are starting to need a morning snack!) as well as read a complementary story. From hungry hungry fruit caterpillars to edible slime, your Adventure will love to finally get to play with their food!

    Fitness Games; 11:15-11:45am
    Little Ones need to MOVE. Developmentally, three and four year olds are working hard getting control over their bodies. Coordination, balance, and core strength that we take for granted as adults still take lots of effort for this age group. Get your little one growing and moving in this fun, game based class designed to give them the physical skills they need!

    Adventure Storytelling; 12:00-12:30pm
    Have you ever been amazed at the creativity and imagination that comes out of your little one? This class will get them moving, acting, and engaging their questioning and problem-solving skills. Each week we read and act out a different story and let our imaginations go wild!

  • Homeschool Thursdays at Questers' Way

    Get the full details of our Homeschool program at

    Look for YELLOW classes for Pre-K Classes

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  • Martial Arts starting at 18 months old in KLC Dojos

    Parents love what our programs do for their children. They get to sit back and relax in our comfortable lobby while their children grow in confidence and character under the professional guidance of our high-energy instructors. Every program is tailored to the needs of the student. From young children to young adults, we’ll get them moving, having fun, and learning a ton about themselves. Our goal is to help them bring out their inner awesome!

    Young students will learn basic martial arts skills as well as simple focus, listening, coordination, and balance skills. Class is hands on, utilizing a variety of fun martial arts equipment and game-based play learning.

    Questers’ Way is the next evolution of the martial arts school we have had in the community for over 25 years. Our instructors are not only amazing martial artists, but also highly qualified educators with years of experience. You’ve probably already seen them running around Questers’ Way. Come check out the dojo and tind out how it all began!

    Mini-SKILLZ is designed for ages 18-36 Months and is offered as a Questers’ Way Classe
    Mini-SKILLZ Information & Registration

    Martial Arts for Ages 3 & up is offered in our martial arts academy.
    Get details & register for a Trial Membership at

Adventurer Class Registration

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