Questers’ Way Memberships

How $39 a month can change your life for the better

Every guest matters…our members matter times ten.
Do more, save more, learn and play more as a QWay Member.

For a limited time, use the coupon code
at checkout to get 50% off your first month!

Hey there!

You just landed on the coolest page on our entire site.
Want to know why?
Because this is the page where you find out what Questers’ Way in REALLY about.

You are about to discover the “Secret Sauce
hidden within the walls of Questers’ Way
that can change YOUR life for the better.

The best part is… It’s really just ONE simple thing.

By the time you get to the end of this page, your questions will have been answered, and you will have a whole new perspective on how Questers’ Way could very well be a life enhancing part of you and your family’s routines.

So let’s start with a little history…
You see, we built Questers’ Way for us.
We wanted to create something unique.
Something awesome.
And also… Because we were tired.

Tired of getting our kids to twelve different activities all over town.

Tired of never having time to take proper care of ourselves.

Tired of eating crappy takeout food.

Tired of rushing home to make a real meal that our kids won’t want to eat.

Tired of not having time to enjoy being creative.

Tired of only seeing our friends on social media.

Tired of battling with homework we don’t understand.

Tired of all the messy social situations at school and work.

Just. Plain. Tired.

And it should NOT feel that way.

Life should be FUN and ENERGIZING.

Sure there are stresses, but we wanted to be bigger than the little things that can pile up and drag us down. We wanted to be our best selves and enjoy the journey as best we could every day.

So we decided to do something about it.

We decided to build a place where you can strengthen your body and mind, have fun, make friends, eat healthy, and (our personal favorite) let the kids burn off energy while we relax, work, or take a class for ourselves. Somewhere you and your family could move, think, connect, fuel AND empower yourselves, all in one place.

The stories have been amazing:

We had a mom complete her PHD by working at the center while her five kids took classes, played in the park, and hung out with their many new found friends.

We’ve had families playing games and eating together in the cafe…even the teenagers!

We’ve had adults start eating healthier and begin an exercise program that they could stick with.

We’ve had kids discover new skills. They’ve become painters, and dancers, chess prodigies, and martial artists.

We’ve had a mom cry and hug us, because her son announced that he had just had the best birthday ever, and she never had to lift a finger to make it happen.

The more people started to “get” what Questers’ Way is really about…
as they continued their own personal Quest to be their best self and create that for their kids as well…
The more their lives changed for the better…

We realized that everything came down to ONE THING.
One thing that we all have in abundance, and one way or another, it rules our lives.

As families started telling us how much better they felt:
✔ Feeling more connected to friends and family
✔ Having more energy and vitality
✔ Noticing their minds felt clearer
✔ Being emotionally balanced

We started really paying attention to what had changed for them (and for us).
It was really just ONE THING….

It changed our habits.

The habits that we had naturally adopted over the years, that determined how well we functioned on a daily basis.

We are all faced with choices every day.

Choices like…
– Do I exercise today, or find an excuse to sit on the couch?
– Do I read a stimulating book, or mindlessly surf the internet?
– Do I grab a healthy snack, or open another bag of chips?
– Do I spend quality time with friends and family, or stare at my phone counting Facebook friends

Which is it going to be?

Take a moment and ask yourself:
• What is your level of daily activity?
• Do you learn, read, or do something new every day?
• Do you find ways to strengthen your relationships with friends and family every day?
• Do you know how to eat in a way that increases your overall health, energy, and vitality?
• Where do you spend time that’s really good for you?

Better Habits.
That’s how $39 per month can change your life for the better.

Questers’ Way gives you so many ways to move, think, and connect.
It helps kids value learning new things, and building positive relationships.
It reminds adults to put their own oxygen mask on first. To take care of themselves so that they can better care for everyone else.
It lets you be part of a community of “Questers”…all working in their own unique way towards a common goal: being their best by creating and committing to healthy lifestyle habits.

It starts with a small step.
A small commitment to yourself, and to those who rely on you.
A commitment to consistently working at creating healthy habits in a fun, supportive environment.

That’s what a QWay membership does for you.
By the way, you don’t need a membership to do anything in the center (although there are some pretty cool things only members can access).

You can take classes, eat, play, party…you can do it all and come and go as you please. And that’s the problem. Without committing, you won’t be committed.

If you want to change your life for the better, if you want to commit to creating healthy habits, and doing a little every day to bring yourself to an optimal state and stay there….

You may not need a membership….
But you’re going to want one.

For a limited time, use the coupon code
at checkout to get 50% off your first month!

No contracts. You can cancel at any time!

Here’s what you get….

Half off every Mind & Motion class you take

The path to healthy habits and and an optimal life starts here. Mix and max classes and projects for your body and brain until you find the perfect mix that is just right for you.

Every class is taught using our unique, proprietary TeachFlow method, designed to work with your brain the way your brain likes to work. You’ll learn faster, retain more, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.


Free Bonus Visits Every Month

We want to give our members MASSIVE Value. Every month you’ll receive free visits with your membership.

• Kids get 4 Free Pebble Park Visits Every Month ($28.00 value all by itself)
• Adults get up to three 100 level classes each week (That’s a $60 value!)


Discounts on Events

From Paint Nights to Knight Owls to Challenge Quests, we have a ton of super cool events going on every week. Members get priority registration (space is usually limited for these events) as well as special discounts based on the type of event.


$10 Off Day Quests and Quest Weeks

These amazing camp-style programs are already incredibly popular. Drop your kids off for a full day of fun, and when you return, be ready! They’re going to talk your ear off about all of the amazing things they learned, the friends they made, and the fun they had.


Free Boosted Classes (With Park visit)

Every weekend we offer a variety of special classes as a compliment to a visit to Pebble Park. Guests pay for these classes. Members don’t.


$25 Off an Adventure Birthday Party (one per year)

Save on the most awesome “No mess no stress” birthday celebration you’ve ever seen.

Members Only Facebook Group

You will be “in the know” for all things Questers’ Way. Receive invitations to special events, access helpful content that will help you live your best life, and access the Way Team by posting your questions, ideas, and thoughts.

You’ll never know when you’ll be invited to a taste testing session for the latest Crossroads Cafe Creation, or asked to participate in a new class or project we’re testing out.

The Most Important Benefit

Our members get to help us mold the center into what they want it to be.
You want to see more of a certain type of class or program? We want to hear about it.
Have an idea for a way to make the center better? Tell us!
Find a cause or community group that could use some help? We’re listening.

A final…and important…word (It’s about the apostrophe’)

Ever wonder why the apostrophe is after the “s” in Questers’ Way?

It’s intentional. You see, although we are all questing for our best self in our own unique way, we can only succeed with the support of our fellow questers.

Our members are the inner tribe that want to help us, and help each other do more than just make today the “Best Day Ever”. The true quest, the one we cal work together to help create the “Best Life Ever”.

We think that’s something worth being a part of. Welcome 🙂