The Pathway to Your Best Self

Our schedule of classes is HUGE. Relax! It’s actually not that bad 🙂

We offer programming for ages zero to one hundred and ten. We also offer a wide range movement-based and project-based programs. Put this all together and you have over 150 classes offered very week.

We’ll help you navigate the schedule through our “Pathway” system.

Here’s how it works:

You decide how you want to benefit from the Mind & Motion programs.

For example, maybe you’re an adult whose focus is fitness.  Or you’re a parent looking for a way to help your child improve their coordination. You could also be looking to explore a specific discipline like ballet or acrobatics.

Once you decide, one of our pathway advisers will help you navigate the schedule in a way that lets you get the most from our large variety of classes. You’d be surprised by how many unique ways you will find to explore your chosen pathway!

Feel free to contact us and schedule a time to stop by and meet with an adviser. Just email us at or call 860-931-5200.

Let the adventure begin!

  • 0-36 Months: Wanderers Programming

    For under 18 months, we recommend starting with our Monday programming. Mondays have a focus on Social-Emotional Learning and have a more “open play” format for all three classes.

    Mini-SKILLZ Martial Arts is specifically designed for the developmental needs of ages 18-36 months.

  • Pre-K: Adventurers Pathways

    We named our 3-5 year old age group Adventurers because, at that age, everything is an adventure! Our classes are designed to focus their natural curiosity and questioning intelligence in a way that helps them develop social skills, respect, and listening skills.

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  • Kindergarten-2nd Grade: Explorers Pathways

    Our Explorers classes are designed for Kindergarten through 2nd graders. As their cognitive and physical abilities develop, they are able to delve deeper into particular disciplines and subjects. They start to have a longer attention span that allows for increased understanding and exploration.

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  • 3rd-6th Grade: Enthusiasts Pathways

    Third through sixth graders are at a stage where their likes and interests are beginning to focus in on particular topics. Enthusiasts can choose pathways that allow them to become educated in a particular skill set.

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  • 7th-12 Grade: Pathfinder Pathways

    Teenagers are very focused on their sense of self and answering the question “who am I?”. Pathfinder classes allow them to discover different routes towards the adult they are becoming in a fun, social, safe environment.

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  • Adult Pathways

    What’s your goal? What path are you traveling to become your best self? Woulk you like to be more fit and healthy? Are you looking to de-stress and decompress? Do you want to share time with other creative adults exploring art? Find the pathway of classes that allows you to grow and explore new things!

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