Pebble Park


Play Hard ~ Have Fun!
…and it’s perfectly ok to make a ruckus 🙂

“This place is beyond awesome. Perfect for kids to be kids and for adults to take a breather while the kids are fully engaged in learning fun!”



How it works:

Our spacious indoor park is open seven days a week

Cost is $6.36 (plus tax) for up to a two hour visit.

Planning to come more than once? Park Packages include FREE bonus visits!

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Kids 12 and under are welcome to play!

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Important Things to Know:

  • Sock must be worn in the park (no shoes please)
  • Adults must stay in Questers’ Way at all times
  • Adults may join their children in the park at no charge



Children learn best when learning is fun. They also need time to just be kids and burn some energy. Pebble Park allows for both.The caring and enthusiastic staff are right there to read a story or help with a project. Park players can also choose to enjoy some alone time and climb through the giant playscape or grab a friend for a game of air hockey. Parents can relax on a park bench, interact with their kids, or take a break in the café while keeping an eye on their kids through the large viewing windows.


• Organized games and activities
• Awesome equipment to run, jump and climb and explore
• Parents! Join your kids in the park or…
• Keep an eye on them while you relax in the Café or…
• Get some “Me time” through one of our adult programs while your kids are having fun in the park!

*Socks are required to play in Pebble Park
We ask that everyone take off their shoes in the park (including parents) to keep the carpet looking nice and clean 🙂

Drop-In Daily Visit

Save time! Purchase in advance.


(INCLUDES 10% Entertainment Tax)

Same Day Visit

Re-entry for a second visit within the same day


(INCLUDES 10% Entertainment Tax)

Closing Time Half Price Visit

Entry within the last 45 minutes before we close for the day


($3.30 with tax)

$2 Park & Learn Special!

Play in the park is only $2 while another family member attends a class!*

*Lasts only for the length of the class


($2.20 with tax)

Pebble Park Packages

Come check out the coolest indoor play park in the area!

Our online specials make it easy:
• Choose your package size
• Purchase your passes online
• Check in at Command Central when you arrive for your visit
• Have fun!

Five Pack

Includes one additional FREE pass

Price includes 10% CT State Entertainment Tax

Five Pack $35

You get SIX passes total!

Ten Pack

Includes TWO additional FREE passes

Price includes 10% CT State Entertainment Tax

Ten Pack $70

You get TWELVE passes total!

Twenty Pack

Includes FIVE additional FREE passes

Price includes 10% CT State Entertainment Tax

Twenty Pack $140

You get TWENTY-FIVE passes total!