Full Programming Schedule

The Quest to your best self starts here.

Choose from three types of classes…




Dance, Martial Arts, Zumba, Cheer…just to name a few.
Get your body moving by taking a class in our “Movement University”.
Paint, write, draw, build and experiment…fun projects to stimulate your mind.
Build a better brain in the Think Tank.
Dungeons and Dragons, Chess, Magic the Gathering…challenge yourself, challenge your friends.
Strategize and socialize, collaborate and compete. It’s Game On!

How it works:

Step #1: Understanding our classes

Everything in Questers’ Way can be experienced with or without a membership. Here is the key to understanding our class schedule.

  • 100 Level Activity Courses

    These classes are fun and stimulating. They are not learning-intensive, and are appropriate for any skill level. They’re a great way to get moving, or explore the basics of art and science.
    Average cost per class $5.00
  • 200 Level Learning Courses
    These are the first level of learning-intensive classes. They will help you develop a specialized skill such as ballet or painting.
    Average cost per class $10.00
  • 'D' Vs 'S': Drop-in and Semester Classes
    “D” Classes – These are “Drop-in” classes. They are not cumulative and you may attend whenever you like. (As long as there is space available)

    “S” Classes – These are “Semester” classes. They are part of a series (Usually around 10 weeks long) and will be cumulative. Participants will need to register at the beginning of the session, and will be expected to commit to the entire course.

  • 50 Level Just for Fun Activities

    These programs are designed to give space and time to socialize and relax with peers.
    Average cost per class FREE

Step #2: Explore the schedule of classes for the age group you are interested in

  • Summer Semester: Teens (7th-12th Grade) & Adults (Ages 18+)



  • Summer Semester: Kids Ages 0-12 years


Step #3: Choose a class that interests you.

We recommend registering online for classes to ensure your spot. Scroll down just a couple inches to enroll in your next class!

Let the adventure begin!

Summer Preview: May 27th – June 16th
Summer Semester: June 17th – August 25th
Fall Preview: August 26th – September 8th
Fall Semester: September 9th – November 17th
Holiday Semester: November 18th – January 5th