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So much to do… so many Pathways to explore!

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Get started on your own personalized Pathway choosing from our vast variety of Move U, Think Tank, and Game On! classes. Try everything from ballet and breakdancing to messy science and art workshops!

• Two 200 Level Classes per Week
• Two 100 Level Classes per Week

Add Pebble Park for only $20 a month!
• 3 Pebble Park Visits per Week

Get your first month at half price! Use the coupon code LAUNCHME2017 at checkout

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Pebble Park Packages

Come check out the coolest indoor play park in the area!

Our online specials make it easy:
• Choose your package size
• Purchase your passes online
• Check in at Command Central when you arrive for your visit
• Have fun!

Five Pack

Includes one additional FREE pass

Price includes 10% CT State Entertainment Tax

Five Pack $35

You get SIX passes total!

Ten Pack

Includes TWO additional FREE passes

Price includes 10% CT State Entertainment Tax

Ten Pack $70

You get TWELVE passes total!

Twenty Pack

Includes FIVE additional FREE passes

Price includes 10% CT State Entertainment Tax

Twenty Pack $140

You get TWENTY-FIVE passes total!


Starter Round

Sample from our variety of fitness programs including AIM Fitness Kickboxing, Zumba, Stretch & Tone, Barre, and more.

Attend up to three 100 level fitness classes per week for three weeks.

$45 $14.95!

Three Week Fitness Starter Round $14.95